I can create your brand's message, image and feel so that it resonates with your target audience. For over 10 years, I have developed successful visual identities, compelling user experiences, and efficient, multichannel B2B/B2C campaigns. My mission is to bring joy to the world and to develop prosperous, purposeful businesses. In my free time, I help my fellow creatives to fulfil their dreams and make public space a bit more magical through street art projects.

I am interested in how others interpret the world. Grasping the big picture and conceptualizing ideas is my bread and butter. I have an eye for elegance and a soft spot for whimsical visuals. My core competence is building engaging brands.

I strive to inspire others. Over the years, I have effectively managed creative teams and large accounts. I don’t hesitate to challenge myself. My colleagues and clients have described me positive, bold, courageous and reliable.

I am committed to optimizing growth with data-driven, lean methods. There is nothing better than delivering great results, and having fun getting there. Shall we make it happen?

My specialties are: Leadership and Project Management • Growth • Creative and Art Direction • Graphic Design • Illustration • Art • Styling • Branding • Digital Marketing • Strategic Thinking • Concept Design • Creative Problem Solving • User-Centred Design • Lean Work Methods • Facilitation • Prototyping • Service Design • UX • UI • Copywriting and Storytelling • Social Media and Content Creation

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